Timmy Krack Korn Puffs

My wife was telling me about an amazing sweet treat that she came across at work. Timmy Krack Korn Puffs are made from a small company out of New Mexico called Elixir Boutique Chocolates.  She had ordered several bags after tasting and wanted me to sample. I was excited to see what all the ranting and raving was about.

The bags arrived and I could certainly understand her delight. Timmy Krack Korn Puffs are addicting, amazing and all the hupla was justified.  The puffs are light and buttery and have a good caramel note.  Caramel corn can be hard to eat and overpowering in flavor, but these puffs have a perfect balance.   There was no small debris in the bottom of the bag and no hulls to get stuck in your teeth.

You can eat an entire bag before you even realize!   They are very addicting and I love the fact that it’s from a small boutique company.

I would highly recommend this product and here is the link to Elixir Chocolates to order these puffs for yourself www.elixirchocolates.com.

Biscuit Love - Nashville, TN

Nashville is a great food city an awesome city period!  Whenever I'm in a new city I want to try the local cuisines.   I was there for a wedding so my time to explore was short and several of our local family members told us about this awesome brunch location.  They had good Bloody Mary's, which I am always down for.  However, the most important piece of food we tried was a Bonut.  What is a bonut? I soon discovered only one of the greatest inventions every concocted by man.  A donut and biscuit together! Bam, mind blown!   

Biscuit Love is in a new section of Nashville, TN with a lot of hipsters, dudes with beards and a lot of trendy millennials.  I ordered steak and eggs and a Bloody Mary for a solid start.  The star was the Bonuts.  They are surprisingly light, and filled with a lemon mascarpone cream accompanied by blueberry compote.  A nice combination of sugary, sweet and a little tart.

Biscuit Love has great food and I would return for sure when I am in the area again.

Biscuit Love Brunch www.biscuitlovebrunch.com