Hello, my fellow food enthusiast!  I’m Jack Baer and I’m a foodaholic.   

I grew up in Melrose Park, a suburb outside of Chicago, where the Italian ladies pushed shopping carts in the middle of the street and the Italian men played botchy ball in the park.   My mother’s family is Italian, and my dad’s family is German.  Lucky for my brother and me, they only lived one block from each other.   As a kid I had it made! I would go to my grandmother’s house to eat lunch, which usually consisted of olives, prosciutto, capicola, and a stick of hard salami.  Then, as a treat I raided the Nutella jar and guzzled everything down with Orange Tampico.    Thank God I was active!

Later in the day, I would go by my other grandmother’s house and demolish the cookies my grandmother baked.  This time period in my life was influential and inspired my love for cooking.  It also stirred my passion for experiencing food with family and friends.    

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy!

Jack Baer